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TinnitusLife Hiatus

Often I have been accused of being altruistic and naïve. I think this was also the approach how I had started this blog. Thinking by just simply sharing my story I would help others in their tinnitus journey. Soon I learned that it wasn´t that […]

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Emotional Stress and Tinnitus

I have talked about the connection between tinnitus and stress a lot. We all know that handling tinnitus is more than a handful – when stressed it sometimes even feels impossible. It flares up and makes it seem like something that can´t be conquered while […]

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Tinnitus and Party

Going out with tinnitus is not possible? I get asked very often if I still go out even though I have a ringing in my ear. And I have to say absolutely yes!! Of course I don´t go out as much, but that isn´t necessary […]

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