Can a chiropractor visit help for tinnitus relief?

I never wanted to accept that there is nothing wrong with me antomically and I have never given up the hope that there could be an easy fix for my tinnitus.

So when my holistic healer said that she thought I really should go and see a chirporactor to get some points of my spine back into place, the hope I had stuffed deep down rose up again very quickly.

I thought wow…maybe there are some things that need to be poped back into place and my life will be great again.

I went to see a recommended chiropractor

My first session was besides, that he informed me about all the vertebras out of place, not very successful. He worked mostly with spinal manipulation therapy, but for that you need to breath in deeply and then breath out deeply while relaxing the whole body.

As I am not a very relaxed person in general and since tinnitus is part of my life, I am even more tense. But being tense prevents the vertabras poping back into place.

He said that each vertabra is connected with different parts of the nervous system. On the picture you can see which ones were out of place and with which part of the nervous system they are connected. As I live in Peru, it is in Spanish…


C1 = brain, hypophysis, base of the skull, cheekbones, inner ear

C2= eyes, auditory nerve, paranasal sinuses

C3= cheek, outer ear, cheekbones, teeth

C4 = nose, lips, mouth, eustachian tube

C5 = vocal cords, neck glands

C6 = neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils

C7 = thyroid and paratiroides

T1 = armpits, wrists, hands, trachea, esophagus

T2 = heart, heart valves, coronary arteries

T3 = lungs, bronchi, chest, sinuses

T4 = gallblader, bile duct

T5 = liver, solar plexus

T6 = stomach, duodenum

T7 = pancreas, duodenum

T8 = spleen, aperture

T9 = adrenal glands

T10 = kidneys, adrenal, pituitary

T11 = kidneys, urethra

T12 = small intestine, lymphatic circulation

L1 = large intestine

L2 = appendix, pelvis, thighs, face

L3 = reproductive organs, uterus, bladder, knee

L4 = prostate, dorsal muscles, sciatic nerve

L5 = legs, ankles, feet


In total it took me 5 sessions to get everything back to where it belongs. I realized that it was much easier to keep a straight posture and that some back tention has been gone since then. It is nice, but not really the outcome I was looking for.

He then said that he still can feel something up in the cervical spine, but that he won´t fix it as it is very critical. He had worked at a clinic before  specialized on back injuries and  he said that other chiropractors fixed problems on the cervical spine AND healed the tinnitus for some people but for others it got worse.

critical treatment

That is why he doesn´t do it, he says it could make it better or so much worse.  Of course now I am intrigued, should I go and find another chiropractor who fixes problems on the cervical spine? On the other side I am scared, what if the tinnitus gets even worse?!And of course you have to consider the different reasons why people have tinnitus, so not for everybody every treatment works. If there is no anatomical cause for my tinnitus, that has been confirmed by x-rays, ultrasound and MRI check-ups. so I am wondering: How would that help?

I haven´t decided yet how I will go on from here, but I will keep you up to date!

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