Beauty Treatment as Tinnitus Treatment

What helps to feel well?

For a girl sometimes it can be something really small, it doesn´t have to be a big act to feel well.

Even though it doesn´t help your T, but something that makes you feel well, is like a treatment. When you are happy and when you feel good you don´t notice your ear ringing as much, do you?

So, one of those things that make you happy and feel good about yourself, is to feel beautiful and to feel comfortable in your own skin.

And what makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin than a nice day at the spa?

A lot of times, when the tinnitus is so loud I just feel nasty and disgusting….I am in bed all day….I don´t shower…I eat only shitty food… I just want to disappear. When I finally do get up it is mostly just to use the bathroom or because I am hungry.

In the bathroom I see myself in the mirror. And that person looking at me from the mirror is definitively not me. That person makes me want to go back to bed immediately. My hair looks like I´ve suffered an electric shock. Let´s not even talk about the face – who is this old wrinkled person who seems to have a life full of worries and sadness?

Am I that person?

I don´t want to be a person who only suffers and whose life is full of depression. That ringing in my ears makes me crazy, but I don´t want to look like a nut case on the outside. Who wants that, right?

Let´s go to the spa!

Going to the spa is always nice, but it is especially nice if it helps you pull out of a deep dark hole. A deep dark hole that seem to be a bottomless pit.

At the spa they make your skin shine again, they are able to manage your hair and you leave looking like a princess or rather they make you feel like a queen.

Then you come home and the person looking at you from the mirror is glowing. Looking at that person makes you happy and it makes you feel good about yourself.

Feeling good about yourself results in feeling good in general…and now the T doesn´s seem as bad anymore!

For some short time it helps me feel better.

For some short time I peek out of that deep dark hole.

For some short time the tinnitus doesn´t seem as bad anymore.

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