An active life doesn not only help your tinnitus – is is good for a healthy life!

Everybody always tells you and everywhere you always read that exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle and to feel better.

I mean, I have always liked swimming and running and did it fairly regular. I also like yoga and have been pracicing it for years via videos, sometimes quite often and then sometimes a little less.

When I moved to Peru I stoped running and swimming as it is not the same in the city, of course my body changed and I didn´t realize the other changes up until now.

Once you stop exercising, you want to do it less and less….in the end I didn´t have any desire anymore to do some sports. Along with that, I eat unhealthier and unhealthier and of course that affected my healthy because I didn´t get to seem to get enought vitamins and minerals…etc.

So I decided in order to get my immune system back on track and to feel overall better and healthier again, I had to take up a workout routine again.

So, four months back I signed up to a gym and went to an aerobics class, I went 5 or 6 times but it was just not for me. Some people can feel the rhythm of the music and just move to it naturally…somehow it doesn´t happen to me. I thought I would get the hang of it when I just stuck with it, then one day I tripped over the stepper and knocked down the girl next to me and I was sure my aerobics time was over. It didn´t bring the effect I was looking for, during the whole class I felt uncomfortabel and was stressed out. Plus at the end of the class I felt like I hadn´t really worked out as I was mostly just checking to walk, run or jump into the right direction. So afterwards I was even more stressed than before, clearly not the effect I had intended.

After that experience I went to lift weights, I almost expected it to be a bad experience, I thought it would be more than borring but surprise, surprise I really liked it!

Why did I like it?

Besides the general health effects it just calms me down. Of course it sets free endorphins and so I´m super happy and in a great mood afterwards.

When I go to the gym in the morning my whole day is better and my tinnitus doesn´t affect me that much because I am in such a good mood AND I sleep better. And you know how hard it is to sleep with tinnitus so that is such a great and important point. But let me rephrase that, it is easier to fall asleep in the first place.

It doesn´t really matter what sports you do, it is important to stay active, especically on those days you don´t feel like it. On those days you need it the most and benefit the most! It helps you stand your tinnitus and of course it improves your immune system and your health…a healthier body is also better for your life with tinnitus and a stronger mind does that also.

Is there a sport you can´t do when you have tinnitus?

One thing I have experienced I have to look out for a high heart rate, so especially when I do cardio or some fast workouts my heart rate goes up pretty high when that happens it really affects my tinnitus. It gets louder and I seem to hear the blood rushing through my ears, I feel dizzy and can´t really hear anymore, my hears are just blocked. So it is really important, at least for me, to watch my hear rate and to not over do it. You know it is no fun when that happens and sports should make you feel good and not worsen your condition. So just do what feels good and what makes you feel better.

I have a sport pluse watch to track my heart rate and that way you can do cardio according to your pulse and it won´t get up too and and you won´t experience those negative effects. Also from a sportive point of view it is healthier and more effective this way.

Also, some positions in some sports might make it worse, it is for everyone different. Again don´t force anything and just do what is good for you and not what you feel like you should do.

I love to do yoga, but some poses like when I have to put the legs over the head make my tinnitus ring in a different tone, that just freaks me out, so I don´t do those poses.

So find out what is good for your body and get started, you´ll see that it will help you pretty soon to sleep better and to tolerate your tinnitus at least a little.

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