Alignment for Tinnitus Healing

The word alignment is everywhere lately. We are told to align with our dreams with our inner self and so on. Many people promise big shifts if we are aligned.

So what does alignment mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it means “the act of aligning or state of being aligned, especially: the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts (as of a mechanical or electronic device) in relation to each other”

So translated to our body, mind and soul – that means that everything within us is in the correct position in relation to the other parts in our body.

So if your true essence and your actions are not aligned we feel out of place and always driven to look for something – always searching without knowing what we are looking for. But what we are looking for is alignment.

Alignment means all is directed to one cause, no matter what we want – if everything (our actions, intentions and thoughts) are directed towards that goal it will work out.

So directing all our attention, focus, energy, actions and faith in one direction aligns us with that purpose / goal and it is so much easier to get to the point we want to get to.

Alignment for Tinnitus Healing

Why should we be aligned or what is it good for?

No matter what we do, we have to be aligned with what we are doing.

It is like with a car, if the wheels aren´t aligned properly it lead to uneven tire wear, and that means a shorter life expectancy for your tires.

Alignment helps us reduce resistance and fear so we are getting what we truly want.

Aligning with ourselves isn´t only good for us, it is also important to get what we want – to realize our dreams. If we work on something, but our thoughts and believes aren´t aligned – we are sabotaging ourselves. We probably won´t be able to realize what we are working on.

Alignment works closely together with the Law of Attraction, we have to visualize what we want and really believe in it. Meaning aligning with our wish!

Alignment for Tinnitus Healing

Why I think alignment is important to be able to heal?

We want to heal – we want to get better. But do we believe it is possible?

Mostly we adopted some sort of negative thinking that healing won´t be possible that we will always be miserable and so it will be.

In order to heal or to feel better we have to align with that goal.

Act on it, like do something good for our body for example eat healthy and exercise, visualize it, think like it is already there…Too often we are aligned with our illness / condition and that is why we can´t heal.

So leave that alignment with your undesired situation behind and align with the situation you want to be true.

Alignment for Tinnitus Healing

How to align?

  1. Trust. Often it is hard to do things on our own. Whatever you believe in, God, Buddha, Allah or the Universe – hand your desire over to the higher power and ask for support. For the higher power to take care of it for you!
  • Intuition.  The body never lies. It knows what is best for us, so tune into your body to find out what is it you should do and what is good for you. Don´t think about it – tune in and the firsts thought that comes up is the right answer!
  • Acceptance. Accept the current situation as it is – no judgment. It is like that for a reason. Stop doubting it and wondering why it is like that and being upset about how difficult it is. Accept it as the current state – not meaning it has to be like that forever.
  • Gratitude and Grace.  What you’re grateful for expands, the feeling of gratitude draws towards you more to be grateful for. Be open to movements of grace in your life. Notice all the little ways it smooths the path for you, all the many ways it blesses you.  
  • Meditation. Become familiar with the wideness of your spirit through regular meditation. Bring space and expansiveness into your life by letting go of any limiting thoughts and feelings that interfere with the innate joy and happiness of your spirit.
  • Intentions. Before we can get what we want or align with it – we need to know what we want. Make sure you have clear goals.
  • Positive thinking.  Make sure your thoughts are positive – an easy way to practice that and to change your mindset is by using affirmations. Tell yourself over and over again what you want. Affirmations are always positive (no don’ts) and in the present tense – as if that what you want were already true.

So align with what you want and make it come true! Feeling better is just around the corner!

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