About Me

That´s me

My name is Maria-Magdalena Mailhamer and I´m from Germany,

Origin and upbringing

To be more exact, I am from Bavaria,  the southern part of Germany with beautiful landscapes, close to the Austrian border.  I grew up in an idyllic village…just living the countryside dream 😉

Growing up I was fighting and having fun with my two siblings, my older sister, who I always admired, and my younger brother; we two are more alike I think.

I later on became a social worker and have tried out quite some different positions, while looking for my destiny.


I have always been interessted in other countries und cultures, so I stared travling or going abroad quite young at an age of 16. I lived for 10 months in the USA, Michigan – Allegan. There I found a second family and second home.

I have stayed 3 months in Tulum, Mexico to get my TEFL Certificate and do some comunity work. I also went to Uganda for one month to sit in on an NGO, helping farmers. Many years later I walked the “Camino de Santigo” in Spain and at the age of 28 I went to Peru for one year to take over the job as a Volunteer Coordinator.

Otherwise, well besides being obsessed with the tv-show Gilmore Girls,  I like to read, go the movies, do some sports and you know…just normal stuff like hang out with friends – and of course I like spending time in the countryside.

Life now

After going to Peru for one year…I just kept coming back and I am still here. Now I am a German and English teacher and live here with my boyfriend – right, the classic story?! Girl goes abroad and never comes back home because of a guy. But when you fall in love…

Yes, that ´s me. . . and now I hope you enjoy my blog!