5 Ways Tinnitus made my life better

Wait. What?

Yes, Tinnitus can be hard. But it is our choice – we can also see it as chance. As chance to check in on our lives if we are living it according to our own values to or not.

A life can only be happy and fulfilling if it is according to our values.

My tinnitus forces me to do regular check-ins as it flares up when something is not in alignment with me and my inner beliefs or when I’m just not feeling so well. Mostly I don´t feel well when I´m not taking care of myself / taking enough time for myself. And when I started again to ignore my values – trying to please others, trying to avoid conflicts, because it is easier or to safe time…or sometimes because it seems like a better way to fit in and to advance.

So how did my life get better through the constant ear ringing?

  1. I learned to truly take care of myself

Selfcare is such a popular word right now, but I have the feeling many use the word as it is everywhere but the meaning behind it has gotten lost.

So truly taking care of myself doesn´t mean that I take time to have a cup of tea in the afternoon or that I take a long bath. Yes, me-time is important and helps us to reconnect and enjoy our lives.

So what does that mean?

Connecting to what I and my body truly needs. And yes, it can be a bath. But letting my body and mind decide what I need rather than my head. Letting myself feel what I really need. And not an action that looks pretty on instragram.

Learning to find my body´s voice again was hard already. I had copletley ignored it for so long.

Related to that topic is self-compassion. How could you truly take care of yourself if you don´t have compassion for yourself and your tinnitus.

2. I learned to say NO (I´m at least better at it)

This is connected to the first point – sometimes taking care of myself means canceling plans. Sometimes it means saying no to favors or to taking on more work.

Selfcare comes first.

If I don´t feel well I can´t do more and more and more – or I will end up super exhausted and burnt-out.

Plus, the tinnitus gets worse then – taking on more tasks as we can handle means stress and we all know how that goes down then.

More about stress here:

3. I took on new habits that make me feel better

Ufff…there were so many things I wanted to do in my life, but then my lazy-a.. took over and I had like a part-time healthy lifestyle. But health can´t be done part-time.

Through analyzing my tinnitus and what is good for it I established a lasting healthy diet, go to the gym if work allows it 5 times a week and do yoga every day in the morning.

I also meditate everyday.

There are more habits like using my mouth guard every day, hydrating properly…avoiding too much sodium and so on.

Also the work with my mind – I take a certain time every day to work with my mind. It is amazing how good that makes me feel.

Also my morning routine has been a game changer:

4. I am coming closer to my inner-self

Basically through all the above I got to know myself better and what really is important to me. Meditation was a big part of that.

Before having tinnitus my life was more focused on the outside world that has changed. I am centered, grounded and even happier than I have ever been in my life as I seem to be right on track with my inner self.

It is a journey and there are always adjustments to take, but a major shift has taken place in that area.

I already wrote about it once:

5. I even look better

I look better? How is that connected you think?

I took on so many healthy habits and that not just for a short period of time. So my body is in a better condition and my skin looks better.

Also I look happier again.

Plus – I wear cute headbands that help me look good too *wink *wink